Given the extension in the deadline of proposals and the large amount of works received, the results of the evaluations will be published on 12/20


The call for proposals for thematic sessions is open in the following formats 1) Seminars, 2) Conversations and 3) Workshops within the framework of FIESA 2020.


Call topics: FIESA 2020 will have five working areas based on what are considered strategic values for the Internationalization of Higher Education. Proposals must be submitted based on these areas. The themes are detailed for each axis involved :

  • 1 SYNERGY. International cooperation. International organizations. Associations. Agreements. Consortiums / Networks. Memberships. International project management. Internationalization Policies. Technical Missions.
  • 2 LEARNING. Curriculum internationalization. Internationalization at home. International mobility. Peer tutors. Foreign languages. Double degrees. Credit validation Global competences. Group classes.
  • 3 INNOVATION. R&D. Transfer and linkage. Articles. International Patents. {0}ICTs.{/0} {1} {/1} Virtual Platforms and Entrepreneurial University. Incubators. Accelerators
  • 4 DIVERSITY. Interculturality. Accessibility. Disability. Cultural, gender, generational and skills diversity.{/1} Social Inclusion. Migration.
  • 5 SUSTAINABILITY. Economic, social and environmental impact. Social mission of higher education. Extension. Financing. Rankings. Effective practices in the internationalization of higher education.

Types / formats of presentation:

  • SEMINAR: This format will focus on the exposition by expert/s (maximum 3) in a specific subject-matter. One of them will be moderator of the seminar. Proposals that experts from different countries include will be prioritized. It will last approximately 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions from attendees.
  • CONVERSATORY: This format will focus on the dialogue between expert panelists on a topic (at least 3 and maximum 5), with active moderation by one of the panelists. Proposals that panelists from different countries include will be prioritized. The conversation will last approximately 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions from attendees.
  • WORKSHOP: This format will focus on the technical presentation of a subject for the purpose of emphasizing problem, solving or training and will incorporate the active participation of the attendees. The theoretical and procedural foundations will be presented and should include a set of activities previously designed for the understanding of the issues related to the practice. Pre-registration will be organized for each workshop respecting the minimum and maximum quotas defined. A certificate of attendance to the workshop will be issued for attendees. It will last 120 minutes.

Official presentation format: Session proposals must be submitted in the following languages: (1) Spanish, (2) English or (3) Portuguese. The official presentation format is detailed in the Annex to this call.

Room setting: Rooms equipped with sound, lighting, video projection equipment (as required in each case) will be available. In the official form the required equipment must be detailed.

Costs: The registration costs for FIESA 2020 and those related to the transfer and accommodation will be borne by the participants (Exhibitors, Panelists).

Deadlines for submission: Proposals must be submitted before November 30th, 2019 .

Virtual submission of proposals: Proposals must be sent to the following email: fiesa2020@fundacionunmdp.org.ar

Evaluation and selection of proposals: Only complete proposals will be evaluated. The selection will be in charge of the FIESA 2020 Evaluation Committee. The following will be considered as evaluation criteria: (a) Congruence of the activity with the objectives and working areas of FIESA 2020, (b) International / regional nature of the proposal, (c) Profile of the Exhibitors, Panelists, (d) Relevance and originality of the proposal. The results will be available from December 10th, 2019 . Reconsiderations regarding the evaluation of proposals made by the Evaluation Committee will not be accepted. The files with the final presentations will be uploaded to the Congress website.


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