Given the extension in the deadline of proposals and the large amount of works received, the results of the evaluations will be published on 12/20

Call for Poster Presentations

The call for the presentation of proposals for poster session for FIESA 2020 is open.

The objective of FIESA 2020´s poster session is to contribute to the presentation of projects and experiences of internationalization of Higher Education and the dissemination of its results; also allowing to obtain and share reflections and comments between the exhibitors and those attending the Fair.

Thematics for the poster session:

The poster session of FIESA 2020 may include:

  1. Projects and / or experiences of good practices of internationalization of Higher Education.
  2. Internationalization projects and / or experiences related to any of the five work axes considered strategic values for the Internationalization of Higher Education defined by FIESA 2020: Synergy, Learning, Innovation, Diversity and Sustainability.The following topics are detailed for each axis, within which the posters to be presented can be framed:
    • SYNERGY. International cooperation.International organizations. Associations. Agreements. Consortiums / Networks. Memberships. International project management. Internationalization Policies. Technical Missions.
    • LEARNING. Curriculum internationalization.Internationalization at home. International mobility. Peer tutors. Foreign languages. Double degrees. Credit validation Global competences. Group classes.
    • INNOVATION. R&D.Transfer and linkage. Articles. International Patents. {0}ICTs.{/0} {1} {/1} Virtual Platforms and Entrepreneurial University. Incubators. Accelerators.
    • DIVERSITY. Interculturality .Accessibility. Disability. Cultural, gender, generational and skills diversity.{/1} Social Inclusion. Migration.
    • SUSTAINABILITY. Economic, social and environmental impact.Social mission of higher education. Extension. Financing. Rankings. Efective practices in the internationalization of higher education.

Application for the poster session:

  • Poster proposal presentation format: Those interested in participating in the FIESA 2020 Poster session should send the form (Annex I) to the email fiesa2020@fundacionunmdp.org.ar Subject of the e-mail: poster and surname of the exhibitor.
  • Disclaimer: November 30, 2019 (8 p.m. Argentina time)
  • Language: Proposals may be submitted in the following languages: (1) Spanish, (2) English or (3) Portuguese.
  • Costs: The registration fees for FIESA 2020 and those related to the transfer and accommodation will be borne by the authors of the Poster.
  • Evaluation and selection of posters : Only proposals that respect the official presentation format will be evaluated. The selection will be in charge of the FIESA 2020 Evaluation Committee. The following will be considered as evaluation criteria: (a) Congruence with the objectives and axes of FIESA 2020, (b) International / regional nature of the project and / or experience to be presented through poster.In the event that the authors presenting posters are university students, the experience to be presented must be linked to internationalization.

Further information on the FIESA 2020 poster session[1]

The FIESA 2020 poster session will be a great opportunity to share and spread internationalization projects and experiences. The posters that are selected in FIESA 2020 will be exhibited during the days of the Fair. However, specific times for display will be determined.At these times - which will be informed in due course - the exhibitors must remain available next to the poster for presentation and to answer the queries of the attendees.

Presentation Requirements:

  • Dimensions: The poster must have a vertical orientation and comply with the following dimensions: Maximum size: 70 cm wide and 100 cm high.
  • Language: The posters may be presented in Spanish, English and Portuguese. ( There will be no translation service for the poster session).
  • Content of the poster:
    • Basic information:
    • Poster Title
    • Country/ies involved
    • Include logos of the institutions involved in the project and / or internationalization experience to present
    • Year / s of project implementation and / or experience
    • Source of funding or program through which it was funded
  • Brief introduction and description of the project and / or experience, including its main objectives
  • Brief description of the results and impacts of the project and / or experience
  • You can include images and graphics in high quality.
  • Exhibitor contact information
    Important!: The poster must contain the key aspects of the project and / or experience to present.It is recommended to be concrete, concise and creative. Remember that in addition to informing it must visually attract attention
  • Typeface: The use of fonts such as Sans Serif or Verdana is recommended.
  • Printing: The posters must be printed on paper. (For the poster session the FIESA 2020 organization will have support panels, in which the posters can be fixed with double-sided tape).
  • No support or audiovisual equipment will be allowed during the poster session.

[1] More logistic information will be delivered in a timely manner to those who are selected as exhibitors of the Poster Session of FIESA 2020.


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