FIESA 2020

The International Higher Education Fair of Argentina (FIESA) is an international meeting of Institutions of Higher Education that gathers referents from around the world.

The first FIESA was carried out in 2018 and took place in Mendoza city. In this case, it was organized by the National University of Cuyo and brought together more than 150 Universities from 20 countries around the world.

The second version of FIESA will take place from March 17th to 20th 2020, at NH Gran Hotel Provincial in Mar del Plata city, Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

The event is supported by: the Secretary of University Policies of the Ministry of Education of Argentina, the National Interuniversity Council and the Foundation of the National University of Mar del Plata.

FIESA 2020 will gather referents and specialists from all over the world, including Argentinian and foreign universities, institutes of higher education, referents of governmental institutions, organizations, associations, international networks, embassy and consulate authorities.

This meeting will be an opportunity to strengthen the internationalization of Higher Education Institutions, promote careers and mobility of all the universities, update knowledge and expand internationalization training, encourage link formation to realize projects, establish new networks and apply to new financing opportunities. FIESA 2020 will place Argentina and Latin America as an academic destination of international relevance.


The objectives of FIESA 2020 are:

General objectives

Strengthen the international projection of Higher Education in Argentina and the Region.

Promote FIESA as an integral international dialogue, training and dissemination event in Higher Education

Specific objectives

Promote international cooperation in the field of Higher Education. Generate networks and exchange between actors from different institutions and backgrounds.

To be a platform for dissemination of mobility programs, international financing and meeting point for experts and academic referents on the subject.

Promote and strengthen the establishment of innovative cooperation actions.

Develop social and cultural activities that promote recognition of diversity and establishment of intercultural links.

Promote a sustainability approach of Higher Education internationalization.












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